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It has been quiet a while, hasn't it, folks? Well, I am back off of haitis and back in.... THE GAME.

It has certainly been a crazy 6 months. I've gone through 3 jobs and am currently doing security at local fuel stations. I've had to go through alot of personal developement in the last few months, including moving out from my mothers house into this silly thing called 'in-dah-pen-dance'? Something bizzar like that anyway.

Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things and keep up a certain level of momentum now. LETS SEE IF IT WORKS.

So, I was going to finish off the next page last night, but then I got a call from work to come in at the last minute. So basically no comic this week. But expect another full color page next week. kthxbai.

TOC, This is entry team. Upload of data complete. The public have been notified. Over the clock, but no disturbances. Mission accomplished. Bring us home.

So the next page is up, ready to be caught! Hope you all have enough pokeballs! And dont let Oak catch you with your pants down! Esspecially if you're under the age of 16. <.<;

Gotta catch 'em all!


A very very pretty man.

Greetings citizens, Page number 2 will be up and readable at 0500 hours [roughly 30 minutes after posting this report] Hope you all enjoy. I know its one of my personal favorites so far. Mostly because I love the way the soldier guy is drawn. He is very very pretty man. Not as pretty as sasha but still very pretty man. Thank you.

So here we are. A heartfelt story about love, war, and cuddly teddybea-.... I mean, welcome. Welcome to Signed On. The only game where you sign on without logging on. Unless you logged on with a comic fury account. But thats cool too. We are anything but diverse here at Signed On.

To business. For the last couple of years, I've been doodling some simple gag comics about various video games. [and I'd like to mention here, as with my disclaimer that all games and content contained within the comics is owned by their respective creators, and that nothing but the poorly drawn art is mine, unless ofcourse it is a proper story arc, which may or may not happen.] Glitches, inconsistancies, stupidity.... all will ensue here. I will be uploading my oldest ones first, where my style was not quiet refined, so bear with me. As for something you all actually care about: I plan on updating on fridays, so I hope you will stick around a while.