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Friday, the 24th of June, 2011
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Fri, 24. Jun 11:00 PM, 2011

Welcome to Signed On Comics, the only game where you sign on without having to log in! It all started when I was thinking that some of the stupid things games do is actually pretty funny at times. Glitches, stupid quotes, inability to do a task, illogical scenarios that are passed off as logical continuity wise, I just though I would log some of the stupid things that happen in my gaming experience. After I started writting them down, I just started drawing them. So here we are.
This one was a real pain in the rectum when I was playing assassins creed 2. So many hours were spend trying to work out how to pick up that damn box of Leonardos paintings! Anyway, enjoy!

Assassins Creed and all characters are copyright to Ubisoft inc.
Art copyright Alan Smith and Darkdogz Studioz.

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Mon, 27. Jun 7:40 PM, 2011

*runs in an kicks Al's comic all over the place* Yay! Self-expression!

NOTE: Kicking is how I show love. :3

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Mon, 27. Jun 7:46 PM, 2011

My comics.... D=

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