Friday, the 1st of July, 2011
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Fri, 01. Jul 5:00 PM, 2011

When Pokemon HeartGold and Soul Silver came out I had a fangasm. Pokemon Silver was my most favorite pokemon game ever. The best pokemon were introduced, and I loved having trainers call me up for rematches. It was also the first time trainers were given names. All in all it was the most original pokemon game ever.

But when I started playing Heart Gold, I remembered just how annoying that phone option was. EVERY calls you like EVERY FIVE MINUTES. "Hey, did you know, thunder is sure to hit when theres rain?" "I just cleaned my marril. Its coat is glossy." I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR WATER RATS FUR!
And then theres the famous line, whenever you catch a certain ammount of new pokemon, professor oak SOMEHOW knows it, and calls you up, and says that exact line.
Nintendo really outdid themselves with not only annoyance, but also creepiness. Thanks for turning Professor Oak into a creepy pedophile, guys! XD

Oak, Gold, and Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Alan Smith and Darkdogz Studioz

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Rider Viper (Guest)

Sun, 03. Jul 12:26 AM, 2011

Oak is really a top secret Spy who spies on trainers...

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XinonHyena (Guest)

Mon, 11. Jul 6:15 PM, 2011

I though Irwin stalked everyone around D:

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Tue, 12. Jul 12:44 AM, 2011

Irwin is oak. They are one in the same. An alias, if you like.

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