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Friday, the 15th of July, 2011
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Fri, 15. Jul 11:50 PM, 2011

Theres nothing better then a game where even the environment is interactive. However the problem with this, is that sometimes an interactive environment can be a little too distracting. In SWAT4, the radio is a good example of this, which you could change the channel to different genres of music. I found myself playing with this feature for a good half hour. XD

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RiderViper (Guest)

Wed, 20. Jul 11:11 PM, 2011

And this is why Aldark didn't get the job as a SWAT member...

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Silvashadow (Guest)

Sun, 24. Jul 5:11 PM, 2011

Ahaha, the good ol' interactive radios. How I can recall the many hours I've wasted listening to every song and station of these games.
Even better when you can pick up the radio and take it with you.... *grins* XD

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Blizzy (Guest)

Tue, 26. Jul 6:31 PM, 2011

Omg I did the exact same thing with The Masquerade. I would sit there and listen to it for hours. Well not hours but you know what I mean.

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