Crappy Deal
Friday, the 22nd of July, 2011
Crappy Deal
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Author Notes:
Fri, 22. Jul 11:50 PM, 2011

Would you look at that! Another full color comic! Amazing! XD

Anyone whos played monster hunter knows this problem. Some vegie elders are real bitches and no matter what you offer them, they always give you something really lame. -_- Make no mistake though, Dung is actually a very expensive and useful item but seriously. It just seems really silly to trade a chunk of gold for a piece of crap. XD

Kudos to any players who can guess the location. =P Area and zone number~?

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Braxis (Guest)

Sat, 23. Jul 2:19 AM, 2011

I know the feeling all to well, i've played about 4 different monster hunters now and its the same problem -_- here let me take that expensive item off your hands and give you something for it, like this insect husk. they are all the same EVIL!

Also i'm guessing it is Jungle and the home base XD. if not jungle its forest and hills. XD

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Rider Viper (Guest)

Sun, 24. Jul 5:31 PM, 2011

Who's Shitty idea was it to put in old trading people with dung?

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Blizzy (Guest)

Tue, 26. Jul 6:39 PM, 2011

Nice work with the background Al. Grr dat elder, he never gives me anything good. Also I'm guessing Forest and Hills Area 1

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